Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

contoh dialog bahasa inggris sederhana

-          Love and embarrassment
heppy   : hi heppy, how are you doing ?
nita        : I’m very sad heppy
heppy   : why ?
nita        : because in my birthday I don’t have anything
heppy   : oohhhh nita,, don’t be sad, be happy friend.
  Because I want to give you a new dress.
Nita        : oh heppy, thank you. I love it
                  I love you heppy. You’re make me happy.
Heppy   : love you too nita. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

-          Sadness
Heppy   : nita, are you okay ?
                  You look so sad, did something happen ?
Nita        : yes, I feel so sad
                 I failed my exam, I got  5 for English test
Heppy   : don’t be sad. You can study hard again
Nita        : but I’ve already desprated
Heppy   : I feel a great sympathy for you
                  You must have positive thinking
Nita        : thanks for you attention
                 I will try study hard again
Heppy   : you’re welcome

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