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Purpose                  :  To amuse or entertain the readers with actual or imaginary experiences in difference ways. Narratives always deal with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.

Text organization 
-          Orientation
( who were involved in the story, when, and where )
-          complication
( a problem arises followed by other problems )
-          Resolution
( solution to the problem )                      

Language              -      the use of nouns phrase
( a beautiful princess, a buge temple )

-          The use of connectives
(first, before that, then finnaly )
                        -    The use of Past tense
                            ( he walked away from the village )
-          The use action verbs
( walk, sleep, wake up )
-          The use saying verb
( say, tell, ask )
-          The use thinking verbs, feeling verbs, verb of senses
( she felt angry )

Source : look ahead an English course 1 ( penerbit erlangga )

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